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20% for 2020!

We ask that you prayerfully consider a pledge for 2020. By making a pledge, you enable St. David’s to continue to grow and offer more opportunities for worship, education, music, outreach and other programs that further God’s kingdom. 

Our stewardship theme builds on last year’s theme, which is “Fearless Generosity: Living and Giving Boldly.” Living and giving boldly, with God at the very center of all that we do and are, changes the world for the better. It heals wounds, binds us together and infuses all that we do with an underlying sense of joy and hope.

In order to continue our positive parish trajectory and to support our clergy, staff, buildings, grounds and many programs, we are striving for a 20% increase in pledging households as well as a 20% increase in total funds pledged in 2020. In short, our goal is 20% for 2020!

Your participation in the St. David’s 2020 Stewardship Campaign as a pledging parishioner will help us build on our progress by:

— Increasing our outreach program participation locally and globally.

— Investing in the continued preservation and upgrading of our beautiful buildings and grounds.

— Planning and experiencing a parish mission trip or pilgrimage.

— Developing a new middle and high school formation program.

We ask you to join us in making the decision to increase your pledge commitment for 2020. If you have not made a pledge in the past, we invite you to become a pledging member. We also invite you to reach out to new or prospective parishioners and invite them to embrace our parish community by making a pledge.