Q: What is a pledge? How is it different from what I put in the plate on Sundays?

A: By completing a pledge card, we become intentional and regular in our giving to God. Through pledging, we offer to God our first fruits. 

Q: What does my pledge to the 2020 stewardship campaign support?

A: Your pledge supports our Sunday and weekday worship, Christian education and formation for all ages, newcomer welcome, communications, music and pastoral care for those hurting in body, mind and spirit. It includes the upkeep our beautiful building and grounds as well as outreach to our community and beyond.  

Q : What if this is an uncertain year? I don’t want to make a pledge I can’t fulfill. 

A: You may change your pledge at any time by contacting the church office.

Q: What do you mean by 20%?

A: We are committed to achieving a 20% increase in pledged dollars as well as a 20% increase in the number of pledging units/households.

Q: How much should I pledge?

A: The tithe, giving 10%, is the biblical norm and a good spiritual discipline. Many start by giving a proportional gift, a percentage of all we receive, and then increase it each year, growing toward tithing. Whatever your gift, consider giving God the first and best of all you receive, making it an intentional and meaningful priority in your household spending.